IC-M25 Handheld Marine Band Transceiver

New Style, Three Color Choices and Smart Features!
Float'n Flash(tm)
11 Hours long battery Life
Icom USB charging (Micro-B USB type)
Icom AquaQuake(tm) draining function
Icom Three color choices
Icom Slim body and lightweight
Large LCD, simple user interface
Icom 550mW audio output
Optional speaker microphone, HM-213
IPX7 waterproof construction (1m depth of water for 30 minutes)
Icom 4-step battery life indicator
Icom Weather channel with weather alert
Icom Dual/Tri-watch functions
Icom Instant access to Channel 16 or programmable call channel
Favorite channel function
Icom Monitor function opens noise squelch

IC-M36 Handheld Marine Band Transceiver

More power, more waterproof, more form factor
9-hours operation with Lithium-ion battery pack, charger included
Icom Loud button for instant maximum volume
Icom Noise Cancelling Microphone
Icom Automatic volume adjustment
Icom Floats in the water
IPX7 waterproof protections (1m depth for 30 mins)
Icom 6W RF output and 700mW audio
Icom Large buttons and slim dimensions
Icom Easy to see LCD with large channel indication
Icom Optional speaker microphone, HM-165
Icom Instant access to Ch 16 or Ch 9
4-step battery life indicator
Icom Auto scan function
Icom Dual/Tri-watch functions
Icom Weather channel with weather alert


IC-M73 Handheld Marine Band Transceiver

Slim, Stylish, Powerful VHF with Professional Features
Last Call Voice Recording
Active Noise Cancelling Technology
Icom Bass Boost Function
Icom 700mW Loud Audio
Icom 6W RF Output Power
Icom IPX8 Submersible Plus™ Waterproofing
Slim, Hourglass Body Wide Viewing Angle LCD
Icom AquaQuake™ water draining function
Icom Dual/Tri-Watch function for monitoring Channel 16 and/or call channel
Icom 4 level battery indicator
Icom Optional waterproof speaker-microphones, HM-167 and HM-202
Icom Auto power save function

IC-M93D Handheld Marine Band Transceiver

Floating 5W VHF with ‘Float’n Flash’
Output power : 5w
Battery Life: 1570mAh Li-on battery, up to 9 hours
Icom Waterproof rating: IPX7
Icom User friendly
Icom Large LCD
Icom Integrated GNSS receiver
Active Noise Canceling
Icom Float n' Flash

IC-GM1600 Handheld Marine Band Transceiver

The GMDSS handheld for survival craft
Waterproof, not just water resistant (IPX7)
Icom GMDSS/IMO approved for survival craft with optional Li-ion battery pack BP-234
Icom Use rechargeable NiCd batteries for on-board use (supplied)
Icom Pre-programmed for GMDSS channels
Simple operation, large buttons, instructions on back panel
Icom Wide viewing angle LCD display
Icom Waterproof speaker-mic optional